Marzi’s Pizza Pilgrims Masterclass

photo 1

My first Pizza making class at Pizza Pilgrims in Harvey Nics.

Quick only a week left… find all the dets you need to know by clicking here!

I had a lot of fun and my pizza was a success☆

Now let me tell you a little more about one of the most important members to the Pizza Pilgrims family. Meet this cute little Piaggio van called Conchetta who is named after the water bufolo farmers wife!

Cochetta is currently located on the 5th floor in Harvey Nichols and  fitted with a 650kg stone pizza oven.

photo 2

Here are the Ingredients for a Neapolitan Pizza!

For the dough
“00” flour 875g
fresh yeast 1.5g
cold water 500ml
salt 25g

For the tomato sauce
Italian tinned tomatoes 400g
salt a large pinch
fresh basil half a handful

For the toppings
grated parmesan a small handful
fior de latte or normal mozzarella 375g, cut into small cubes
olive oil a glug for top of each pizza
fresh basil 4 leaves for each pizza


My pizza!!! What do you guys think?





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